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2019 Programs

Open to public ages 2 1/2 to 107 years!


We partner with a number of community programs to offer integrated afterschool and summer programs. We combine fun, education, and occupational therapy by teaching students with and without disabilities how to care for, handle and train pet dogs, dogs for visiting, dogs for therapy, and assistance dogs for people with disabilities. Students set and meet personal goals while working in an environment that builds skills in social settings, disability awareness and public access rights, leadership and advocacy, perspective taking and empowerment, and self confidence. Students learn to handle and train dogs using relationship development and positive reinforcement techniques.

Dogwood core staff and interns have completed occupational therapy degree programs, and dog training, handling and behavior continuing education. While we do our best to screen or evaluate and select dogs to participate in our programs, it is important that participants, their families, caregivers, case managers and clients understand that there are risks in participating in any program or activity involving dogs. We regularly have outside review of policies, procedures and the animals in our programs so we may improve programs with the most up to date information. However, animals are living beings that have responses and behaviors to environmental stimuli, people, and situations in different contexts. A number of puppies are in training in our clinic, for therapists and people with disabilities, and is part of our scope of work at Dogwood. The potential risks of participating in after school programs, animal assisted therapy, summer camps, training classes or any other activities with animals at Dogwood may include:

·       Animals mouthing, not being able to take treats with a gentle mouth, slobbering on people, licking, snapping, biting or scratching

·       Animals barking, howling, whining, growling, or any other vocalizing

·       Animals jumping which results in potential to cause loss of balance or falls, bumping into people, knocking people over

·       Animals or products used with animals may cause allergic reactions (dander, pollen on fur, saliva, food/wheat/peanut butter   treats)

·       Zoonotic disease transmission (parasites, bacteria, viruses, fungus, etc.), however, our dogs are on monthly preventative and participate in regular veterinary visits to prevent these kinds of issues. 


Inquiries: 505-228-4650 or info@dogwoodtherapy.com

Location: Dogwood, 3108 Alamogordo Dr NW, Albuquerque, NM 87120